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Strategic Intelligence & Factual Analysis

  • Applicant Background Checks
  • Opposition Research
  • Due Diligence
  • Partnership Formation
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • New Product Development
  • Trademark/Patent Matters
  • Joint Ventures

When you have to decide on the next move, MAI provides detailed information that is timely, concise and frequently hard to find elsewhere. Custom-designed search engines enable us to scan thousands of public and proprietary data bases for the targeted information you need.

MAI’s Background Verification Report gives employers the information they need to make hiring decisions based on bona fide occupational qualifications at a surprisingly modest cost. All MAI background services are FCRA compliant. Background verification often uncovers criminal convictions, driving problems, resume fraud, and false documentation. It also mitigates the potential for allegations of negligent hiring. Our comprehensive analysis and permanent reports are more than just raw data, they document the past and provide insight into the future. At the executive level  we explore potential conflict of interest issues and educational and licensing credentials as well as past business relationships.

Many Clients depend on MAI for corporate and marketplace information upon which to base major strategic business decisions. Whether it is sizing up the competition or a potential partner, the types of information requested…and usually available…are almost boundless. MAI’s Corporate Information Services projects are usually completed within 8 hours of the initial request.

MAI is proud to have contributed to the election of numerous candidates at the local, county and state levels through its fair but diligent Opposition Research projects. Relevant facts are verified and cross checked to prevent embarassment in this contentious environment. Op Re projects utilize the same advanced methods, technology and research facilities as our major case investigations.