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Litigation Support

  • Asset/Income Analyses
  • Skip Tracing
  • Jury Research
  • Witness Development
  • Judgement Collection
  • Business History/Credit

\li-ti’-ga-shen  sa’ port\ (noun): Specific facts regarding defendants, assets, witnesses, events or businesses that make litigation simpler,  easier and the outcome more definite. May include witness or defendant location and development. Easily obtained by MAI Clients for use in their daily practice. Delivered electronically, usually within hours. Synonyms: Fast answers, low cost research, vital information, competitive edge.

From determination of the economic feasibility of litigation to collection of the final judgment, MAI provides counsel with the precise, detailed and complete information necessary to eliminate the weak links. Early evaluation of an opponent’s financial position is instrumental in the decision to litigate. MAI’s investigators are skilled in the handling of matters involving intellectual property, trademark infringement, merger and acquisition fraud and other complex commercial issues. They know how and where to obtain strategic and admissible evidence.

MAI’s Litigation Support services have brought the convenience of an in-house investigator/research department to smaller law firms and lower overall cost and superior resources and turnarolund to larger firms that have outsourced those functions to our experienced pros.

Our principals have qualified and testified as expert witnesses the fields of security systems design and efficacy, security management practices, firearms and polygraph issues and matters involving fidelity bonding and crime insurance policies and claim practices.

Special services for Trustees in Bankruptcy and their counsel include the detection and documentation of fraudulent transfers of assets, the location of hidden assets, and evidence of preferential transfers and payments. MAI assists the Trustee in fulfilling the obligation to investigate the Debtor’s financial affairs (11 U.S.C. S704 and Rule 2015).