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Security of Physical & Intellectual Property

  • Asset Protection Surveys
  • Security Systems Analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • Determination of Source and Origin
  • Piracy Interdiction
  • Prosecution Summaries
  • Domestic and Foreign Investigation
  • Risk Assessment and Management

MAI’s Clients work hard to develop innovative products, programs and systems that are attractive targets for commercial pirates. Many of our Clients are in the fashion, apparel, software, and entertainment  industries. They rely on MAI to detect the theft of their patented and copyrighted intellectual property and to respond to suspected piracy with fast and thorough strategies to stop the fraud and bring the fraudsters to civil and criminal justice.

MAI’s contacts and commercial intelligence assets in ports of entry and countries of origin make it a logical choice in combatting knockoffs, fraud and piracy of almost any intangible. Our established Clients benefit from our Product Watch service that actively monitors secondary and gray markets for the appearance of fake and bootleg products. We also maintain a close working relationship with on line resellers.

A logical extension of these services focuses on the monitoring and analysis of security systems dedicated to the protection of physical property and employees. We test for vulnerabilities and eliminate costly system components that are ineffective or create a false sense of security.Because MAI sells only its expertise, you can be sure of an impartial analysis without regard to vendor profit; solutions that place your interest…and your budget…in the forefront. Most of our clients are financially stable, many among the Fortune 1000, so we look for ways to manage, rather than totally eliminate, risks.

Our consultants approach security issues from an employee awareness standpoint, realizing that hardware systems are only a small factor in efficient corporate security. From initial analysis, to program design and on through actual implementation and finally to intrusion testing, MAI gives you the programs, procedures, and ideas required to make the security of your company’s property, both intellectual and physical, an efficient management safeguard at a reasonable cost.