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MAI in the News

    If you are like most of our new Clients, you have never heard of Management Analysts, Inc. We basically intend it to be that way. All of our investigations and consulting projects are carried out in a manner designed to keep us, and our Clients, out of the media. Most of our Clients have built a reputation of financial and ethical integrity and feel that it is most important not to let an isolated incident or problem damage their public image.

    The confidence of our Clients is based to a large degree on assurances of confidentiality, an assurance that hasn’t been breached in our 23 years in practice. Specific strategies developed in hundreds of cases are used to maintain and protect that trust. Even our name is a bit ambiguous enabling us to be forthright in our dealings without attracting undue attention.

    So you won’t find full color advertisements, banner headlines, or featured stories on “60 Minutes.”  We want it to be that way.