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MAI’s Practice

A full range of investigative and information analysis services for corporate, financial, legal and government clients around the world.

Since 1986 MAI’s investigative consultancy has been playing a strategic role in the operation and governance of large and small corporations in the United States and abroad. We are proud to be the “go-to guys” for executives, litigators, risk managers, insurance producers, administrators in almost every avenue of financial endeavor. Small business owners make up an important segment of our clientele and we are as responsive to their needs as to our larger accounts.

Our practice involves sensitive issues of finance and responsibility, and for that reason you won’t see our name (or yours either) in the media in connection with those issues. Earning our Clients’ total confidence is the common thread to each and every matter that we handle. Our client list is understandably confidential, but we are always happy to put you in touch with someone we have served. You may know them already.

Our consultants’ diversity; investigators, researchers, claims professionals, lawyers and accountants; allows MAI to assemble the best team to address most issues. Our collaborative approach allows Clients to integrate their in-house capabilities with MAI’s expertise and resources to reach timely and financially beneficial solutions to the problems posed by white collar crime.